Hi!  I’m Toni and I’ve always had a massive love and interest for animals and from the age of around 4-5 years old had wanted to work either as a Vet or a Veterinary Nurse. This love for animals has never waned throughout my life and has fueled me on through different stages of my life to help make a difference in their lives.

16 years old:

I was all set to do 4 A-Levels at Chichester College until I changed my mind at the very last moment and decided to study a National Diploma in Animal Care at Brinsbury College.

It was here that I really cemented my wish to work with animals, however it changed from wanting to do Veterinary Nursing to working more hands on, especially with farm animals.

20 years old:

From here I went on to University in Northampton to top up my Higher National Diploma into a full degree. Here I studied Animal Welfare and Zoology and completed my degree to receive a BSc (Hons).

Working at Gaston Farm

21 years old:

Upon leaving University I began working at The Pet Pantry 2 days a week whilst searching for a full time job, not an easy task!

Whilst searching a friend suggested a visit to a local farm (Gaston Farm, Slindon) as they were opening to the public for lambing season.

I loved the place so much that I spent the rest of the month volunteering on my days off and have done so every year for the past 4 years!

25 years old:

Today, the proud owner of The Pet Pantry

This changed however in 2013 when my boss had decided to sell The Pet Pantry.

This provided me the opportunity to make a huge decision and lifestyle change.

She offered me the chance to buy the business and after some careful consideration I agreed!

In February 2013, I officially became the new owner of THE PET PANTRY!

Since then I have put in a lot of hard work, many hours and parts of my soul but it has all been entirely worth it! I was awarded runner up in the ‘Best Retailer’ category in the local ‘Selsey Business Partnership Business Awards’ which is voted for by customers and so was a particularly proud moment!