Introducing PitPat – Making Exercise Count.

We all know that a healthy diet and exercise keeps us nice and fit but how many of us have considered just how much exercise our pets need?

With the innovative new product, Pitpat, we can easily find out how much our beloved dogs need and have lots of fun whilst reaching those goals!

The Pitpat app (which is totally free by the way!), will tailor an exercise goal for your dog using their weight, breed and age. The activity monitor will then store all the walking, running and playing they have done so you can ensure that they are reaching their goal!

Nifty huh?!

  • Small & Lightweight
  • Rugged & Waterproof
  • Attaches to any collar
  • Battery life of over a year

Please note that the Pitpat is an activity monitor, not a GPS tracker.


Introducing PitPat – Making Exercise Count.
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